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We are very close to starting four new activites - Mindfulness, Line Dancing, Tai Chi, and Yoga, Please use the Contact Us page to register your interest.

Activity Groups

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Art Art Appreciation Badminton Book Club 1 Book Club 2
Bookworms Circle Dancing Coffee Morning Craft & Cards Croquet
Family History French Conversation Gardening Humour Lunch
On-line courses Outings Photography Poetry Reading Poetry Writing
Pub Lunch & Discussion Scrabble (Carluke) Singing Social Cycling Sugar Craft
Table Tennis Theatre Uke-rhythmics Walking MORE

Click HERE to see activity schedules for week and month.

Just Enjoyment

There are lots of activity groups focussed purely on enjoyment. The Book Club, the Humour group and the Outings group are examples of how to just have a good time.

Why not? You have earned your time for fun and relaxation.

Learn Something New

We can learn new things at any age in fact it helps the brain to be mentally challenged. Whether you want to learn a new language, find out about family history or start appreciating art - now is the time to start making your brain work just a little bit harder.

Good Exercise

Whether it is walking, cycling, circle dancing, or croquet we all know that we should do a little bit more exercise if we can.

Join with other U3A members who will love to meet you for a chat while in the great outdoors.

Why not give it a try?

You can try any of the activity groups without obligation - so what do you have to lose? You will meet new people with a whole range of different backgrounds as well as potentially becoming interested in something new. Give it a go!