Activities | Badminton

Suitable for ...

U3A members who perhaps played in their teens and twenties and then stopped and better players who are now substantially slowing down.

And of course, we would like keen beginners who just want to try it out!!

All skill levels

While formal coaching is not available (other players help and guide you), however you will find that the basics are fairly easily understood. Badminton rackets can be borrowed on the day and shuttlecocks will be available.

Essential Information
Group Leader - Fiona McGregor
Email -
When - Weekly - Thursday 10:00am - 12:00
School term time only
Where - YMCA Hall Bloomgate Lanark
Cost - £3 per session
Requirements - Loose clothing and trainers.

Start with a test session

After two or three sessions individuals will have to decide if they want to continue in which case they will be required to join the YM as an individual member at a cost of £10.00 per year.

Joy of Badminton

We all know we should take a bit more exercise and that should include a period where the heart is pumping harder. As well as exercise there are the social benefits of having a blether on the bench awaiting your turn. Badminton should make you feel better.

Group Leader's Comments

"This activity is meant as an informal get together to start or rekindle your association with badminton. There is nothing quite like hitting a shuttle a clean resounding "WHACK" to help you de-stress "