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Book of the Month

At present we choose our books by consensus from an extensive list provided by Lanark Library. We discuss our different attitudes towards the story and how we feel about it. The group views are very diverse in how they see the story and it's characters..

The Library provides tea/coffee and biscuits.

Be a Bookworm

A love of reading can start at any age. If reading grips you, it will never leave you. There are more books than we will ever be able to read. In this group you can share your views and interests.

Please email Helen at the address above for more information about the group.

Essential Information
Group Leader - Helen Maclean
Email -
When - Monthly on 2nd Tuesday
Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Where - Lanark Library
Cost - £1.50 includes tea/coffee
Requirements - Love of reading

Previous Books
•"Sunset Song" Lewis Grassic Gibbon
•"Things Fall Apart" Chinua Achebe
•"The Quality of Silence" Rosamund Lupton
•"Friends, Lovers, Chocolate" Alexander McCall Smith
•"The Crimson Petal and The White" Michel Faber

The bookworm

You know you are a bookworm when you prefer reading to almost any other leisure activity. You know you are a bookworm when you want to finish reading the book but don't want the story to end. You know you are a bookworm when you can really get lost in a book. I am a bookworm.

Group Leader's comments

" John Steinbeck said "I guess there are never enough books" - We all have a reading list that we shall never finish but there is more to a book than just the reading. Being a member of a book group provides the opportunity to share reflections and explore beyond the words. "