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Family History

Researching your family history can become quite addictive and very time consuming. It is also very challenging at times not to be taken down blind alleys. The two and a half hours pass very quickly and sometimes you are delighted just to have found one name from your research.

Finding your past

We all wonder where our family came from. When we include uncles, aunts, grand parents, great-grand parents and their parents, back through time, the 'map' of our familily can be huge. It may incorporate other countries all over the world.

Essential Information
Group Leader - Sheila Easton
Email -
When - 1st Thursday of month
Time - 9.30am-12.00
Where - Lanark Library (upstairs)
Cost - Small costs for search engines
Requirements - See Lanark Library below.

For Everyone
Everyone born in the UK can find their family history regardless of whether this is in Scotland, Wales, England or Northern Ireland.
This is also true of most European countries as well. Countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand also have online databases.

Lanark Library

We have the use of the computers at Lanark Library and the assistance of Paul Archibald. Paul is very helpful if we have any problems and points us in the right direction. Accessing 'Ancestry .com' is free at the library but you have to purchase a card for 'Scotland's People'.
We suggest that new members complete the 2 day course run by Paul Archibald at Lanark Library before joining the group.

Group Leader's Comments

"Our values come to us through our families. Without our parents, and their parents, we would not be where we are today. I find it really fascinating to be on this detective trail. Others in the group have a variety of reasons for their search but they all have great delight as they find the next step in the chain. "