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So much to see

The group has been running since November 2011 and the visits have been to many venues, encompassing museums, art galleries, theatres and other places of interest. With Edinburgh and Glasgow within easy travelling distance, we still have many venues to explore. We travel by train or bus, occasionally by car and some walking is always involved.

Be mentally challenged

The outings are planned around morning travel, with a guided tour at the venue so that as much information is gleaned in a relatively short time. Most places have so much to see it is the best way to have 'potted histories' etc. We then go on to a pre-booked lunch and may have a second visit in the afternoon, if time allows.

Essential Information
Group Leader - Loraine Swan
Email -
When - Second Wednesday of month
Cost - Varies by venue- approx. £10-£15
To join - Send an email to Cary
Disability - Disabled access available at some venues

Previous Outings
• Biggar Museum
• Surgeon's Hall - Edinburgh

Taking you out of yourself

Experiences, such as taking an outing, can also become a meaningful part of ones identity and contribute to successful social relationships in a manner that material items cannot. So consider foregoing an outing to the shops for items that you may not need, and go with the outings groups which may make you happier in the long run.

Group Leader's comments

"We have so many wonderful things and places to see in Scotland. The main enjoyment of the group is being with the other members of the group discussing what we have seen, how we feel about it, and of course enjoying a nice cup of tea. "