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Free On-line education courses are available at any time night or day.

If you haven't got the time for attending a regular class, or our U3A doesn't have a group yet, you can still get enjoyment from
learning something new, or refreshing a subject you might have forgotten, then maybe on-line education is for you.

On-line education?

There are hundred of thousands of On-line courses which cover virtually every topic or subject you can think of. Fortunately there are also thousands of courses which are free. The courses range from short "taster" courses to some more in depth courses.

You can take these courses at any time of the day or any time of the week.

Your Questions?

It varies depending on the course but usually the courses are 2-3 hours per week for about 4-6 weeks, but remember you can do the course work in 30 minute segments any time of the day (or night) - you choose.

Absolutely none. Whether you went to University or left school at 15 years old there is a course for you. There are many courses that are introductory courses as tasters.

Nothing other than your time. Just make sure your chosen course is free before you start.

Nothing other than enjoying yourself. There is no obligation to continue with the course if it is not right for you.

Essential Information

Group Leader - Robin Lee
Email - robin.lee@consultant.com
When - Whenever you like.
Where - Anywhere with Internet access.
Cost - Free.
Requirements - Spending a couple of hours a week.
Obligation - None.
Reward - Improved knowledge and a sense of success.

Recommended Free On-line course providers

FutureLearn Open University Alison Courses Memrise
FCIS BBC Courses Coursera Khan Academy
Click the logo to go to the site.

Group Leader's comments

"I have taken quite a few on-line courses and found only one which was unsatisfactory. I enjoy the freedom to study when it is convenient, and to learn something new. There are courses for absolute beginners as well as more in-depth courses. If you can't find the course that is right for you just send me an email (see above) and I will try and find it for you."