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Easy to Play

Our group has become a very friendly one where all members, although having a great time, are very keen to do well. We play by the Open Dictionary method. We learn new words at every game !!

Each meeting has two games and of course there is the usual tea/coffee and cakes which are provided by the host in between the two games.

Scrabble for you

Why play Scrabble? There are many different reasons to play Scrabble. Scrabble is not only a mental exercise, but it's also a social game. Scrabble lets people discuss the language while competing.

Obviously, if you play Scrabble on a regular basis you're going to improve your vocabulary. With more than 180,000 words in the official Scrabble dictionary you're bound to learn a new definition or two.

Essential Information
Group Leader - Nelson Waters
Email -
When - Weeky - Alternate Mondays / Thursdays
Time - 2:00pm
Where - Carluke
Cost - Free
Requirements - A reasonable grasp of the English language.

Rare Scrabble Words
Coniines: Alkaloid - the poisonous part of hemlock
Khis: Plural of khi, a letter in the Greek alphabet
Alans: Iranian nomads
Fy: To digest
Enew: Falconry term for driving a bird into the water
Litu: Plural of former Lithuanian monetary unit
Bandura: Ukrainian lute
Bhoot: A supernatural being in Indian mythology
Brain Training

Scrabble is a way to compete against one or more opponents in a battle of wits. Everybody wants to feel like he or she is clever sometimes, so the competitive nature of Scrabble still exists even when playing with friends, even when everyone at the table is laughing and having a good time.

Group Leader's Comments

"I enjoy Scrabble myself but I equally enjoy the group - the banter and jokes. I am constantly amazed at the range of vocabulary that some people have. Whether you are an experienced player or would just like to learn then contact me and we will fit you in."