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Sugar craft

Many people enjoy a special cake at some time in their lives for what ever reason, to have a treat that is delightful to see and wonderful to taste.

Sugar craft means different things to different people but everyone accepts that adding flourishes, imagination, colour, etc. creates a spectacular presentation.

Edible Art

Making all the decorations gives so much pleasure to the maker and recipient It often surprises what can be made with your hands and some sugarpaste with a generous touch of patience.

You will learn new skills that you can use at home. This will fire up your imagination.

Essential Information
Group Leader: Doreen Dixon
Where: Law, Carluke
When: Monday Morning - Weekly
Time: 10.30am -12.30pm
Cost: Donation of £3 per session for materials
Requirement: Willing to learn

New Skills
History of Sugar Craft

Sugarcraft surprisingly originated in Britain. Modelling in marzipan and pastillage has its origins in the wonderful sugar sculptures which were created for court banquets in Tudor times. British travellers and emigrants spread the art which is now enthusiastically practised in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa and India.

Group Leaders Comments

"The group at present is compact, so I would like the enthusiasm of the few to become a joy for many, I look forward to more joining our friendly group. Please come and enjoy the pleasure of learning how to decorate a cake and make the decorations. "